Another exceptional NBCC Field Trip
to the United States Capitol

Field Trips

Field trips are scheduled throughout the year. These friendly gatherings allow members to get to know one another better, to share inspiration and photographic knowledge in practice, and to enjoy exceptional photo opportunities. Most field trips are limited to NBCC members. Because of security and special access arrangements, many field trips require advance sign-up and some may require NBCC membership identification.

View our on-line photo gallery of field trip images at NBCC Photosharing.

In the Capitol Visitor's Center

Field Trip Plans

Planned field trips for the year are listed on the NBCC Calendar. This information is maintained by the Field Trips Committee; please refer questions and comments to one of the committee members. Sometimes trip plans are revised, and late breaking notices may be broadcast by email to those who signed up. For details on the upcoming field trip(s), read the announcements in the newsletter, The Lens and Eye.

Your Own Field Trips

Are you thinking of booking a professional photography workshop or photo tour? Have you been on one recently that you can recommend? See the Photo Tours and Workshop Ideas at the top of the Workshops Page.

Member Instructions for Submitting Field Trip Images

NBCC members who attend field trips are encouraged to submit their favorite photographs.

Up to 6 images per field trip may be submitted by each member attending. Please save your images as JPEG files, and use the following naming convention:

  Member name - Short title.jpg

  Tom Sullivan - Water wheel.jpg

Send images as email attachments to the Field Trips Gallery coordinator. You will receive an email confirmation that your images were received and were able to be opened. If you do not receive a confirmation in a day or two, please send another email so we can follow up.

The images are not posted as high resolution, so there's no need to send us your full resolution files - try resizing them (e.g., in Photoshop) to 800 pixels or less in each dimension. If you do not fill in the IPTC metadata fields, supply your contact information along with a caption and other descriptive information in the body of the e-mail when you submit the images.

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