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Our 175 members meet in Rockville, MD on most Wednesdays from September through May.  We strive to challenge members with stimulating monthly competitions, educational programs, exhibits, field trips, an annual photo essay show, and a monthly newsletter, the Lens and Eye.

We invite you to explore this site to learn more about NBCC. If you have questions, please   Contact Us.

What's New

Video of March 22nd Program - Technology Challenges and Artistic Vision  by Pawel Pilch

Video is in the Members Only area here.


New program on March 29 - Tribal Angola with Kathryn Mohrman   (Virtual)
Kathryn's presentation will take us to southwestern Angola and through her images will introduce us to people who are living as their ancestors have for hundreds of years.


Video of February 8th Cat Simmons Master Photographer Program

Cat Simmons, photographer and teacher, presented images and insights from her photographic work.  Video is in the Members Only area here


Virtual vs. Hybrid Meetings

All meetings are (H)YBRID (held in person at the church with a Zoom option) unless identified in the calendar as (V)IRTUAL (only on Zoom and not in person.) Links will be sent by GordieGram.


New Procedures for Meetings

Details are on page 3 in the September newsletter.

Print Competitors

Remember to send in your jpegs no later than 7:30 pm on the Sunday preceding a competition. Also, your prints need to be at the church by 7:20 on the competition night.

Check out our Members Only area for access to:

  1. Online member directory;

  2. Member renewal;

  3. Club member photo essays;

  4. Selected program handouts

  5. Selected videos


Learn how to set up your sign in credentials here or watch a demo.


Starting in September, all events will be (H)ybrid (held in person at the church with a Zoom option) unless specifically identified as (V)irtual (only on Zoom and not in person). Links will be sent by GordieGram.


Masks (N95 or KN95) will be required by all in attendance except for the speaker/judge and presenters.  Food will not be served during the break. You may bring water but are asked to only drink it when not in the meeting room.


Board meetings will be (V)irtual.

March 2023 Winners: Nature

Upcoming Events

April 2023

Apr 2, 3:30 - 5
Stu Mathison: 2023 essays including three from our late beloved Roy Sewall - Virtual
Apr 5
No Meeting - Passover
Apr 5
Submissions Opened for April EIC & Print Competition: Twilight/Night
Apr 9
Submissions Closed 7:30PM for April EIC & Print Competition
Apr 12
Competition EIC & Print: Twilight/Night
Apr 19
Board Meeting Virtual
Apr 26
Program: James Maher, "Cities to Suburbs: Street Photography Where You Are" - Virtual
Apr 26
Submissions Opened for May EIC Competition: Open
Apr 30
Submissions Closed 7:30PM for May EIC Competition

May 2023

May 3
Competition: Open EIC - Virtual
May 3
Submissions Accepted for Open May Print Competition
May 7
Submissions Closed 7:30PM for May Print Competition
May 10
Competition: Open Print Hybrid
May 17
Board Meeting (Virtual)
May 24
Program: To Be Determined
May 31
Program: Bodies of Work

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