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Maryland Photography Alliance (MPA)

Our club is one of the original members of the Maryland Photography Alliance (MPA), a union of camera clubs throughout Maryland.  MPA, founded in 2017, offers a wide variety of activities, including an annual all-day seminar, Odyssey of Light, featuring well-known photographers; an annual digital photography contest; and webinars by major presenters.  NBCC members receive discounts to all events.  

Photographic Society of America - PSA

For over 50 years, we have held a club membership with PSA, the largest photographic organization in the world.  Club benefits include inter-club competitions, exhibitions, and group activities.  Over the years, we have won annual awards for our newsletter.

Mid-Atlantic Photo Visions

We have a long-standing history with Mid-Atlantic Photo Visions (formerly known as Nature Visions), a major annual event organized by several photography clubs, including ours.  NBCC members regularly win awards at the expo, which features well-known speakers and over 400 images juried into the show.  (See Other Competitions/M-APV)

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