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Our membership is currently limited to 175 regular members and is typically filled. We
maintain a waiting list so those who wish to join in the future can reserve a place in line. It is
our hope that everyone on the waiting list can be admitted for the upcoming year, but this
depends on how many current members renew their membership. There are always
members who do not renew because of relocation or other reasons. Don't hesitate to join the
waiting list - there is no cost and no obligation.

Join Our Membership Waiting List

After the renewal deadline for current members (early summer), the newly-available
memberships will be offered to those on the waiting list in the sequence the applications were


We will attempt contact by email and/or by telephone, using the contact information provided
in each individual's waiting list application. Those receiving invitations to join will be given 15
days to confirm their membership with a completed application and dues paid in full. If no response after 15 days, they are removed from the waiting list and the next person on the list is invited. The process continues until either the waiting list is empty or the membership fills.

Please note that we cannot be responsible for obsolete contact information for those on the
waiting list. Be sure to resubmit this form if your contact information changes.

For further information or questions, please use this form to contact us.

Membership Categories

Our club has a number of membership categories to accommodate the needs of its members.  These categories include Active members, Emeritus members, Alumni, and our Wait List individuals.  Please see this document for descriptions of these categories.

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