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A large part of our mission is helping members improve as photographers.  An expanded education program has been developed to support this goal which includes peer-led small groups.  Registration for the 2023 - 2024 small groups is now open.  A summary of the small groups with links to detailed descriptions is available here.

Small Groups

The NBCC offers a series of small educational groups focused on topics involving the technical, creative, and post-processing aspects of the art of photography. These groups are geared to help participants acquire technical and/or artistic skills and to evaluate their own work and that of fellow members while developing and advancing skills that expand their expertise and grow their artistic pursuits. Small education groups also provide an opportunity to meet members and create new friendships. Groups are open to current NBCC members and to those on the waitlist, if space allows.

Click on the images below to preview a sampling of the work of participants. 

This group is geared to teaching intermediate level participants how to critically evaluate their images with the goal of understanding the technical, compositional, and creative processes of photography. This is a valuable opportunity to have images critiqued and to receive expert feedback that will promote thinking about the photographic process from beginning to end so that one can fully express their creative potential.

Intermediate Critique, Cynthia Keith

Street Photography, Dick Knapp

During the introductory session of this group, the various approaches to street photography, including photographing subjects in public areas, legal and ethical implications, equipment choice and post production edits are discussed. Dick follows up with a field trip where participants have an opportunity to put skills to practice. It concludes with participants receiving constructive critiques.

Intentional Camera Motion (ICM) Techniques, Toni Robinson

Toni discusses the various aspects involved in the creation of abstract, ethereal and moody images that are far from ordinary and portray the artistic and creative spirit of the photographer. This is a group for those who want to break free from traditional rules and experiment by capturing unique images that “make their spirits happy”.

The Creative Peer Group, Al Neyman

Geared to participants of all skill levels to engage in a dynamic group where their images are showcased in an educational, collegial and enlightening setting. Feedback, constructive critiques and different perspectives are shared. Al invites participants to explore past and present work, explore new photographic opportunities and challenges while developing an eye for seeing beyond their immediate reality.

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