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Program meetings are learning experiences that may be purely inspirational, while others may be more tutorial.  They include presentations by guest speakers or by members and some meetings may feature audience participation with hands-on learning or group discussion.  Program meetings are held usually on the second or fourth Wednesdays of each month, but check the NBCC Calendar, as meetings may vary to accommodate holidays or other events.


The 2019-2020 program schedule included topics that included abstract photography; a unique perspective on reflections made with mirrors, water and the human body; and an interesting presentation on creating a successful photographic portfolio.  Several of our club members hosted programs on how to create and present a photo essay, as well as personal journeys reflected through their photographic experiences using poetry, composites, and other post-processing techniques.


The rich diversity of recent programs is illustrated below.



  • iPhone Photography Grows Up with Sue Bloom

  • Panel Photo Critique with Evelyn Jacob, Jean-Pierre Plé, and Cynthia Keith

  • 50 West with Eric Johnson

  • Member Expo

  • Virtual Tour of SAAM’s Portrait of East Baltimore, 1975-1980 with Melissa Clark

  • Portraits of the American Family with Drake Busath

  • Relationships Between Art and Science with Amy Lamb

  • Photographing the Chesapeake with Jay Fleming

  • Learning to See Creatively with Brian Peterson

  • Master Photographer Presents: Sarah Hood Salomon

  • Body of Work Critique with Roy Sewall and Alan Sislen

  • Street Photography and Storytelling with Essdras Suarez




  • Sculpting with Light with Harold Ross

  • What I Did During the Pandemic with Evelyn Jacob

  • Compassionate Travel on Five Continents with A. Jerry Taylor

  • Member Expo

  • Seeing Creatively Before and After with Sandi Croan

  • A History of the University of Maryland Baltimore County Photography Collections with Beth Saunders

  • The Challenge of Climate Change and Photography with Bruce Davis, Kent Mason, and Roy Sewall

  • Master Photographer Presents: Joseph Rossbach

  • Body of Work Critique with Roy Sewall and Alan Sislen

  • Longer than Seconds with Niall Benvie

  • Long Exposure: Shooting the Aurora Borealis with Denise Silva

  • Photo Panel Critique

  • Creative Vision Behind the Lens with Valérie Jardin



  • Secrets of a Successful Portfolio with Les Picker

  • Architectural Photography with Chris Spielman

  • Body of Work Critique with Roy Sewall and Alan Sislen

  • Reflections with Connie Imboden

  • Photo Panel Critique

  • Master Photographers Presentation Night with Kent Mason

  • 3-Member Program on Nonliteral Photography with Gail Bingham,
    Toni Robinson, and Jean-Pierre Plé

  • Member Expo with David Terao

  • Nature with Avner Ofer

  • Photo Essays – Tips and Tricks with Stu Mathison

  • Abstracts with Janet Jeffers

  • Alaska with James Norman




  • Color in Photography with Don Becker

  • Bird Photography with Steven Silverman, Bruce Cyr, and Dick Pelroy

  • Street Photography with Essdras Suarez

  • Body of Work Critique with Roy Sewall and Alan Sislen

  • Panel Photo Critique with Evelyn Jacob, Alan Sislen, and Kent Mason

  • Wild Things and Wild Places with Jeff Mauritzen

  • Master Photographers with Kent Mason

  • From Monuments to the Milky Way with Tom Wachs and Gary Silverstein

  • Panel Photo Critique

  • Photographing Church Interiors with Padma Inguva

  • Photographing East Africa with Nikhil Bahl

  • The State of the Camera Industry with Burke Seim

  • Introduction to Bodies of Work with Roy Sewell and Kent Mason

  • Food Photography with Renee Comet

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