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Monthly Competition

Competition provides an excellent learning experience.  The assignments are designed to expose us to many different aspects of photography.  These assignments must be taken within a given time period so that we will continue to grow in our experiences with photography.  This also starts each member on a more equal basis at the beginning of the assignment period.


Our goal is to ensure fairness to all members who enter club competitions. All entries are reviewed for adherence to the monthly competition assignment.  If an entry does not clearly adhere to the assignment, the competition committee or judge may choose to reject it before or during the competition.


Monthly Competitions include Intermediate and advanced prints, as well as novice, intermediate, and advanced electronic images that are judged monthly, September through May. Our scoring for the competitions is 1st place:10 points; 2nd place: 9 points; 3rd place: 8 points; and honorable mention: 6 points.

Annual awards are given in June and are based on total points accumulated during the competition year.  A minimum of thirty points is required for each award.  The highest point holder in each of the advanced categories is named “Photographer of the Year” in that category.  A 2nd and 3rd place also is awarded in the advanced categories, provided the minimum points have been earned and there has been sufficient competition during the year.   A 1st, 2nd and 3rd place is awarded in novice and intermediate categories, provided the minimum points have been earned and there has been sufficient competition during the year.

Star Awards are presented to advanced photographers in recognition of their photographic excellence and competitive spirit.  This is demonstrated by their cumulative advanced points in our monthly competitions throughout the years of their membership.  In recognition of evolving and changing competition (2011), points from all advanced categories have been combined and certificates are now presented as members reach various plateaus of 100 points.

Print and Electronic Images of the Year awards are given annually in June.  Novice, intermediate, and advanced levels are combined in each category for this competition.  Up to 10 top prints and 10 top electronic images in each category are selected. 

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