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2023 - 2024

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Election of 2024-2025 Officers; Final Days for Membership Renewal; Year-End Awards Event; Judge Adam Nish; May 4 Field Trip: Montgomery County Agricultural Reserve; May 22 Program: Photo Essay Night; May 29 Program: Photographing Flowers for Transparency with Harold Davis; Splinters from the Board; Letters to the Editor; Club News; NBCC Member News; MAPV News; PSA News; MPA News; April Competition Scores, Winning Photos, and Comments; NBCC Board, Committees, and Appointments

Judge Josh Steele; April 17 Program: Interactive Small Group Tech Night (I); April 24 Program: Using Your Mobile Phone as a Creative Tool (V) with Rad Drew; May 4 Field Trip Montgomery County Agricultural Reserve; Splinters from the Board; Major Revisions to Membership Renewal Process; Should Generative AI Be Allowed in Club Competitions? Opinion by Bruce Cyr; Club News; NBCC Member News; MPA News; February Competition Scores, Winning Photos, and Comments; NBCC Board, Committees, and Appointments

Judge Ed Palaszynski; March 13 Master Photographer Program: Alan Sislen - "Choices Matter"; March 27 Program: Rick Hurlbert: “AI and Photography - the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”; March 16 Field Trip: Hillwood Estate and Gardens; Splinters from the Board; New Member Profile: Galina Knopman; Club News; NBCC Member News; PSA News; MPA News; February Competition Results; NBCC Board, Committees, and Appointments

Judge Richard Bernabe; Judges Panel for Print Competition; February 6 Field Trip: Historic Houses of Worship; April 13-14 Field Trip: New York City; Splinters from the Board; New Member Profile: Priyali Sen; New Member Profile: Arash Pirooz; Club News; NBCC Member News; January Competition Results; NBCC Board, Committees, and Appointments

January 3 Judge Michael Brown bio; January 20 Field Trip: Second Chance; February 6 Field Trip: Houses of Worship; January 10 Program: Keeping It Fresh; January 24 Program: Creativity and Expression in Photography; January 31 Program: Bodies of Work Critique; New Member Profile: Andrew Cohen; New Member Profile: Scott Sleek; New Member Profile: Jessica Jones; Tech Talk: Traveling with Lightroom Classic; Education and Training Committee Update; Exhibits Committee Update; Wannabe Print Competitors Offer; PSA Member News; Staying on Top of Club Events; Phabulous Photographers; Allegany National Photography Competition and Exhibition; MAPV News; PSA News; December Competition Results; NBCC Board Committees

December 6 Judge Robb Hill bio; December 13 Program Panel Photo Critique; Splinters from the Board; New Member Profiles: Amy Gilbert & Cheryl Gillerman; Tech Talk; Editor's Note; Education and Training Committee Update; Exhibits Committee Update; Music for Photo Essays; Phabulous Photographers; MAPV News; PSA Member News; MPA Member News; November Competition Results; NBCC Board Committees

November 1 Judge: David Blecman; November 11 Field Trip: Waterside Woolen Mill; November 8 Program: Making Video with your Still Camera; November 29 Program: Moments of the Human Condition; Splinters from the Board; On the Streets Where You Live Exhibit; Phabulous Photographers; Personal Reasons to Make Photo Essays; Member News; Mid-Atlantic Photo Visions News; PSA Member News; Competition Results; NBCC Board

October 4 Judge: Pete Morton; October 11 Judge: Jill Bochiccio; October 21 Field Trip: Ladew Topiary Gardens; October 25 Program: AI & Photography; Splinters from the Board; Education Program; Competition Reminder; GordieGrams Deep Dive; Phabulous Photographers; SIG Street Photography Meetup Photos;Photo Essay News; Member News; Mid-Atlantic Photo Visions News; PSA Member News; Competition Results; NBCC Board

Sept 6 Judge: John Hoover; Sept 13 Multi-Year New Member Reception; Sept 13 Speaker: Sandy Sugawara; Sept 27 Member Expo Call for Entries; Sept 30 Civil War Landmarks Field Trip; Call for Entries, NBCC Exhibition; Education Program 2023-2024; Response to PSA and CAPA AI Report; Why Create a Photo Essay?; Shared Interest Groups (SIGs) Update; Member News and Upcoming Competitions; MPA, MAPV and PSA News; A Club Inspired by NBCC; NBCC Board

Welcome New Members by Toni Robinson; Last Chance to See NBCC Exhibit by Kathryn Mohrman; Upcoming Member Expo Program; Splinters from the Board by Cherry Wyman; May Competition Scores and Winning Photos; 2022-2023 Accumulated Scores; Year-End Event and Awards

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2022 - 2023

Membership Renewal Time by Toni Robinson; Volunteers Needed for Newsletter; Slate of Candidates for 2023-2024 Officers; May 3 Open EIC Competition Judge Sarah Weiss; May 7 NBCC Exhibition Opening Reception; May Field Trip to Green Spring Gardens; May 10 Open Competition Judge Jeanine L Cummins; May 24 Street Photography Program with James Maher; May 31 Body of Work Critique by Toni Robinson; June 7 Annual Year-End Awards Event by Cherry Wyman; NBCC Website Photo Workshop Recommendations; PSA News by Judy Burr; Black and White SIG LAunches at Glenstone by Cherry Wyman; April Competition Results

April 2 Photo Essay Show by Stu Mathison; April 12 Judge Clay Blackmore; April 26 Speaker Jenny Kuhla; Save the Date - May 7 NBCC Exhibit; Splinters from the Board by Cherry Wyman; DC Tattoo Expo Field Trip Images; First SIG Launch at Blackwater NWR; Competition Scores, Cums, Winning Images and Comments

Last call for NBCC exhibition; March 1 EIC Judge Denise Silva; March 8 Print Judge Emily Carter; March 18 South Philly Field Trip; March 22 Speaker Pawel Pilch; March 29 Intro to Using Your Camera for Video with Jake Cross; April 2 Photo Essay Show; Tributes to Roy Sewall; Education Committee Update; February Competition Scores, Winning Photos and Comments

Splinters from the Board by Cherry Wyman;A New and Revised Newsletter Team;Print Competition Procedures Reminder;New Resource for Photo Workshops and Tours;Upcoming NBCC Exhibition;Schedule and Venue Change Photo Essay Show;Farewell to Roy Sewall;Sad News, Joe Miller;Member News;Feb. 1 Judge Wayne Wolfersberger;Feb. 8 Master Photographer Cat Simmons;Feb.25 Field Trip to Tattoo Expo;MPA News by Carol Lee;PSA News by Judy Burr;January Competition Results;

Deconstructing the Dec. 7 competition night; Jan. 4 Competition Judge Jenny Kuhla; Jan. 11 Judge Donovan Marks; Speaker Stephen Greenberg; Allegany Photo Contest; MAPV News; PSA News; Dec Competition Scores and Winning Photos

Dec. 7 Competition Judge Matthew Mahlstedt; Dec. 21 Photo Panel Critique; New Website Resource; MPA News; Nov Competition Scores and Winning Photos

Nov. 2 B&W Open EIC Judge: Martin Heavner; Nov. 9 B&W Open Print Judge: Ronald Beverly; Nov. 30 Program: The Silver Water Collective; Heads Up! Dec. 21 Panel Photo Critique; A New Membership Resource Available; Photo Essay Tutorial; NBCC Member News; PSA, MAPV and MPA News; October Competition Scores, Winning Images, and Comments; NBCC Board, Committees, and Appointments.

Oct. 12 Macro Competition Judge: Lori Lankford; Oct. 21 and 23 Field Trips to National Cathedral and Adams Morgan; Oct. 26 Program: Abstract Architecture Photography with Angie McMonigal; Splinters from the Board by Cherry Wyman; Our NBCC Community by Toni Robinson; New Photopia Photo Essay Software by Stu Mathison; PSA News by Judy Burr; MAPV News by Margaret Colaianni; September Open Competition Scores, Winning Photos and Comments; NBCC Board

New Procedures for Meetings; Competition Reminders; Sept. 7 Open EIC Judge Roz Kleffman; Sept. 14 Open Print Judge Les Picker; Sept. 28 Member Expo - First Program of the Year; MPA News; PSA News; MAPV Photo Contest Now Open; Fall Programs Lineup;  Fall Field Trips; Small Group Classes; James Corbett's September Workshops; Nine Weeks in Arizona by Janice Solomon; 2022-2023 NBCC Board, Committee, and Appointments

Welcome New Members by Toni Robinson; New Policies for In-Person Meetings and Print Competitions; Upcoming Member Expo September 28th; Photo Essay Show in March 2023; Splinters from the Board by Cherry Wyman; May Competition Results; Cumulative Competition Results, 2021-2022; EOY 2021-2022 Awards; NBCC Board

2021 - 2022

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New Editor Bill James; May 4 EIC Judge Brian Zwit; May 11 Print Judge Richard Sprott; May 25 Program: Street Photography and Storytelling with Essdras Suarez; Splinters by Rich Chitty; Membership Renewal; Exhibits Update; Field Trips; PSA News by Judy Burr; April Competition Results, Winning Photos and Comments; Cumulative Scores; NBCC Board, Committees and Appointments

April 6 Judge: Frank Van Riper; April 13 Program:  The Play of Light and Shadow with Sarah Hood Salomon; April 27 Program: Body of Work (BOW) Critique; Splinters by Rich Chitty; Committee Updates; MPA News by Carol Lee; MAPV News by John Norvell; Member Profile: Todd Epstein by Beth Altman; Study Photography with Frank Van Riper in Small, Personalized Workshops; March (Nature) Competition Scores, Winning Images, and Comments; NBCC Board 

March 6: Virtual Photo Essay 2022; March 9: Competition Judge Janet Jeffers; March 15: Conceptual Project Development Class Talk and Exhibit; March 19: NBCC Nature Exhibit at Strathmore; March 23 Program: Photographing the Chesapeake with Jay Fleming; March 30 Program: Learning to See Creatively with Bryan Peterson; First Release of Focus on Climate's Website by Roy Sewall; Never Too Early to Start (for our BOW Program on April 27) by Toni Robinson; Competition Image Gallery Status by Toni Robinson; Supporting Our NBCC Community by Toni Robinson; Member News; Judge Evaluation Surveys: The Importance of Participation by Cat Simmons; Member Profile: Marjorie Bloom by Beth Altman; PSA News by Judy Burr; February Competition Results (Quality of Light); NBCC Board

Feb. 2 Competition Judge: Ed Palaszynski; Feb. 9 Program: Relationships Between Art and Science with Amy Lamb; Feb. 11 and 12: Studio Lighting Workshops; Feb. 23 Nature (EIC) Competition Judge: Glenn Thompson; Call for Entry, Allegany Photography Show; January Competition Results; NBCC Board of Directors

Jan. 5 EIC Judge: Pete Morton; Jan. 12 Print Judge: Merry Plocki; Jan. 26 Program: Portraits of the American Family with Drake Busath; Member Profile: Paul Schmitz by Al Neyman; Member Profile: Larry Brauer by Beth Altman; Splinters from the Board by Rich Chitty; Chincoteague Workshop Wrap-up; December Competition Results

5 Tips for Making Minimalist Photographs by David Terao; December 1 Judge:Ron Peiffer; December 8 Program: Melissa Clark’s Virtual Tour of SAAM’s Portrait of East Baltimore, 1975-1980; Call for Entries: Strathmore Mansion's NBCC Nature Exhibit by Lester LaForce; Lightroom Classic v11.0 (and Adobe Camera Raw v14.0 Zoom Presentation by Alan Sislen; Focus on Climate Update by Roy Sewall and Cherry Wyman; Sarah Hood Salomon’s Urban Forestry Show; Member News; Member Profile of Erico Silva by Beth Altman; Member Profile of Lorraine Vinci by Al Neyman; Chincoteague field trip photo by Toni Robinson; Splinters from the Board by Rich Chitty; PSA News by Judy Burr and Nancy Wolejsza; MAPV News by John Norvell; MPA News by Carol Lee; November Street Photography Scores, Winning Images and Comments; Enchanting by Bill Seelig; NBCC Board, Committees and Appointments

Nov. 3 Judge: Robb Hill; A Wonderful Opportunity (Nov. 10 Member Expo) by Toni Robinson; Update on Anonymous Gift by Kathryn Mohrman; Member News; Our NBCC Community by Toni Robinson; October Competition Results

October 6 Judge: Michaele Harrington; October 13 Judge: David Blecman; October 27 Program: 50West with Eric Johnson by Evelyn Jacob; Splinters from the Board by Richard Chitty; Education Committee Reminder by Jill Randell; Farewell to Ray Whitman by Toni Robinson; Photo Essay Show, March 6, 2022 by Stu Mathison; Member Profile: Cathrine Sasek by Beth Altman; Member Profile: Sue Guy by Al Neyman; September Competition Results

The Lens and Eye Wins Three PSA Awards by Cherry Wyman; September 1 Competition Judge: Don Becker; September 22 Program: iPhone Photography Grows Up with Sue Bloom; September 29 Program: Panel Photo Critique by Toni Robinson; Splinters from the Board by Rich Chitty; Education Committee Update by Jill Randell; Fall Programs Update by Tammy Trocki; Wonderful News to Share! by Kathryn Mohrman; Member News; PSA News by Judy Burr; MPA News by Carol Lee; MPVA News by John Norvell; Climate Change and Backyard Bee Photography by Bruce Cyr; NBCC Board of Directors, Committees and Appointments;

New officers; Welcome New Members by Toni Robinson; Education update by Jill Randell; Programs Update by Toni Robinson; Splinters from the Board by Rich Chitty; Member News; May and Year-End Competition Scores; May Competition Winning Images and Comments; Virtual Year-End Event Awards; "Isn't NBCC Great? (and I Can Prove It!)" by Bill Seelig

2020 - 2021

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The May issue includes: May 5 Competition Judge: Sue Bloom; May 12 Judge: Jill Bochicchio; Call for Submissions and Presenters, May 20 Virtual Field Trip: Animals Couch Safari; May 26 Program: Creative Vision Behind the Lens with Valérie Jardin; Splinters from the Board by Rich Chitty; Year-End Awards Event on June 2; No Prints, No Points Notice by Judy Switt; Membership Renewal Cycle is Here! by Toni Robinson;  Member News: Deaths of Jim Hawkins and Anita van Rooy; Member Achievements; Education Committee Update by Jill Randell; Progress with Our Climate Change Initiative by Roy Sewall; Member Profile: Peter Dunner, by Al Neyman; PSA News: PSA Competitions articles by Larry Mars, Eric Schweitzer, and Judy Burr; PSA Member News;  April Competition Results, Images, and Comments

April 7 Competition Judge: Mary Ann Setton; April 14 Program: "Long Exposure: Shooting the Aurora Borealis" with Denise Silva; April 28 Program: Photo Panel Critique by Tammy Trocki; Splinters form the Board by Rich Chitty; Member News; Competition Dilemma of the Month by Judy Switt; Upcoming Field Trips by James Corbett; Small Group Ideas, Facilitators, Anyone? by Jill Randell; LCD Screen Protectors by Roy Sewall; Member Profile: Cat Simmons by Beth Altman; MPA News by Carol Lee; PSA Study Groups by Judy Burr; My Experience in a PSA Study Group by José Cartas; March Competition  Scores, Winning Images and Comments; Board of Directors, Committees, and Appointments

The March newsletter includes: Two Updates to Competition Rules; March 3 Judge John Hoover; March 10 Speaker Joseph Rossbach; March 24 Body of Work Critique by Toni Robinson; March 31 Speaker Niall Benvie; Member News; Photographing Other People's Art by Alan Sislen; Member Profile: Carolina Zumaran-Jones by Beth Altman; Member Profile: Maude Svensson by Allen E. Neyman; PSA News by Judy Burr; A Look Inside a PSA Study Group by Pauline Jaffe; February Competition Results and Images

Feb. 3 Competition with Ron Peiffer; Feb 10 Program:  The Challenge of Climate Change & Photography with Bruce Davis, Kent Mason, and Roy Sewall by Roy Sewall; Joel Hoffman and Roy Sewall's 16th Street Project Featured on Feb. 20 Webinar; Body of Work Critique - Call for Entries!! by Toni Robinson; Member News; Splinters from the Board by Rich Chitty; A Quick Guide to Our New Website by Cherry Wyman; New NBCCMD Chat Group at by Bruce Cyr; Member Profile: Mark Leatherman by Beth Altman; Member Profile: Ruiqing Pamboukian by Allen E.  Neyman; COVID-19: Photography Helps Save Me by Bill Seelig; Competition Results for January

Surprise Gift from Competition Committee; Jan. 6 EIC Competition Judge: Martin L. Heavner; Jan. 13 Print Competition Judge: Padraic Hughes; Jan. 27 Program Speaker: Beth Saunders; Splinters from the Board by Rich Chitty; A Note from the Membership Committee by Toni Robinson; PSA News by Judy Burr; December Competition Scores, Winning Images, and Comments; Cumulative Scores; The NBCC Board of Directors, Committees, and Appointments

Dec. 2 Judge: Mark Van Bergh; Dec. 9 Program: Seeing Creatively Before and After with Sandi Croan; Splinters from the Board; MAPV and PSA News; Climate Change Comes to Chincoteague by Evelyn Jacob and Bruce Davis; Photo Essay 2020-2021: Preparation and Submission by Stu Mathison; "She is Number One" by Bill Seelig; November Competition Scores, Cums, WINNING Images and Comments; the NBCC Board of Directors, Committees, and Appointments

Nov. 4 Judge: Janet Jeffers; Nov. 10 Meetup: Brookside Gardens; Nov. 11 Member Expo by David Terao; MAPV News by Steve Silverman; PSA News by Judy Burr; Photopia - Photo Essay Software by Stu Mathison; WV Canaan Valley Trip by James Corbett; Felled by Hubris in WV by Cherry Wyman; "Things" Happen by Bill Seelig; October Competition and Cum Results; NBCC Board, Committees, and Appointments

October 7 Judge: Lewis Lorton; October 14 Judge: Sandi Croan; October Field Trip Meetups: Early Morning C&O Canal with Tammy Trocki and Delaware Water Gap with Dick Pelroy; October 28 Program: Compassionate Travel on Five Continents with A. Jerry Taylor; 2020 Member Expo on November 11 by David Terao; Splinters from the Board by Rich Chitty; Member News; ISO Human Interest Reporter by Cherry Wyman; Climate Change in Our Town by Roy Sewall; Call for Climate Change Articles by Bruce Davis, Evelyn Jacob, Toni Robinson, Roy Sewall, and Cherry Wyman; NBCC Print Changes to Note by Judy Switt; Selecting Music for Photo Essays, Copyrighted or Royalty-Free by Nancy Wolejsza; Emergency Underwater Photography by Bill Seelig; September Competition Results.

Welcome, New Members by Toni Robinson; September 2 Nature EIC Competition Judge Roz Kleffman; September 9 Nature Print Competition Judge Victoria Restrepo; September 13: At-Home Field Trip by Jack Rosenberg; September 23 Program: Harold Ross' Sculpting with Light; September 30 Program: What I Did During the Pandemic by Evelyn Jacob; Splinters from the Board by Rich Chitty; PSA News by Judy Burr; West Virginia Field Trip by James Corbett; Photo Essay 2021 by Stu Mathison; "Honesty is the Best Policy?" by Bill Seelig

New Officers Elected for 2020-21 Program Year; August 26 - New Member Orientation; Field Trips Preview by James Corbett; Education Groups by Jill Randell; Splinters from the Board by Rich Chitty; MPA News by Carol Lee; Mid-Atlantic Photo Visions News by Steve Silverman; Fishing Poster Boy by Bill Seelig; May and Year-End Competition Results; and the Virtual Year-End Event

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2019 - 2020

May 6 Judge: Dick Sprott, May 13 Judge: Jill Bochicchio, Field Trip to NYC Postponed, May 27 Program with Les Picker, NBCC Competition and Date Restrictions by Judy Switt and Toni Robinson, Nomination of Officers Slate by Stephanie Banks, Annual Year-End Awards Event, PSA News by Judy Burr. October Field Trip to West Virginia by Cynthia Keith

April 1 Judge: Roz Kleffman, April 22 Program: Body of Work with Alan Sislen and Roy Sewall, April 29 Program: Seeing Creatively with Sandi Croan, PSA News by Judy Burr, October Field Trip to Canaan Valley, WV with Cynthia Keith

March 4 Judge: Mark Van Bergh, Last Chance to See "Faces" Exhibit, Detailed Description of RIM LIGHT and STARBURST for March Competition, March 11 Program: Reflections, Reminder: 2020 Photo Essay Show on March 15 by Stu Mathison, March 25 Program: Photo Panel Critique by Ray Whitman, From the Education Committee by Jill Randell, Field Trip to New York City, May 7-8 by Jim Turner, West Virginia Field Trip, October 2-4, OLED TV for Photography by Tom Field

January 31-March 23: NBCC "Faces" Exhibit, February 5 Judge: Jerry Taylor, February 12: Master Photographers' Presentation Night by Kent Mason, February 15 Field Trip: DC Panoramas by Dick Pelroy, Behind Oz's Curtain by Toni Robinson, A Case for Printing by Roy Sewall, March 8 Mini-CAMP Field Trip, March 15th is NBCC's Photo Essay Show!!, Bill's Little Book

January 8 Judge: Mary Braman, January 15 Judge" Les Picker, January 21 Field Trip to DC Churches, January 29 3-Member Program on Nonliteral Photography, January 31 - March 23 NBCC "Faces" Exhibit, Bird Photography at Middle Creek, Annual Allegany Photo Competition Call for Entries, Recap: NBCC Street Photography Group at East Wing with Essdras Suarez

December 4 Judge: Wayne Wolfersberger, December 11 Judge: Dick Sprott, Member Expo December 18 by David Terao, Farewell to a Legend - Gordie Corbin by Toni Robinson, Education Program Openings by Jill Randell, MPA Third Annual Gallery Show by Carol Lee, January 21 Field Trip to DC Churches by Tammy Trocki, Call for Entries - 2020 Annual Joseph MillerAbstract Photography Exhibit, Nature Visions Photo Expo 2019 Recap by Steve Silverman

Nature Visions Photo Expo November 1-3 by Steve Silverman, November 6 Judge: Matthew G. Schmidt, November 6 Assignment, Found Abstracts, Clarified by Judy Switt, November 13: Nature with Avner Ofer by Stephanie Banks, November 16: Street Photography with Essdras Suarez at DC Monuments by Tammy Trocki, Call for Entries, Faces Exhibit at Gaithersburg Arts Barn by Lester LaForce, PSA News by Judy Burr, 2019 Member Expo Preview by David Terao, Big Speaker Event Gets Rave Reviews by Toni Robinson

October 2 Judge: Jill A. Bochicchio, October 5 Meetup: Maryland Renaissance Festival, October 16 Judge: Marti Belcher, October 18-20 Waterfall Weekend! by James Corbett, October 30 Program: Photo Essays - Tips and Tricks by Stu Mathison, Farewell to John Villforth by Toni Robinson, The 2019 NBCC Mug by Toni Robinson, PSA Member News by Judy Burr/MPA News by Carol Lee, Nature Visions Photo Expo November 1-3 by Steve Silverman, November 16 Workshop: Street Photography at the DC Monuments by Tammy Trocki, Cuba with Peter Dunner

Welcome New Members, September 4 Judge: Roz Klefman, September 11: Abstracts with Janet L. Jeffers, September 15: Kensington Car Show Field Trip, September 25 Program: Alaska with Jim Norton, September 28: Finding Your Vision in Black & White with Leo Lubow, Nature Visions Photo Expo 2019 by Steven Silverman, Website Developments by Rich Chitty, Education Groups by Jill Randell, Judges Training Program, MPA by Roy Sewell, Waterfall Weekend, Oct. 18-20 by James Corbett, Photo Essay Update, Topics by Stu Mathison, NBCC Leadership Team

August 19 - Summer Meetup at National Zoo with Jack Rosenberg, August 28 - New Member Orientation, Kathryn Mohrman Exhibit, Jim Render Death Notice, Field Trips: 2019-20 Preview by Tammy Trocki, MPA Call for Entries by Carol Lee, Save the Date: Big Speaker Leo Lubow September 28, Nature Visions Expo November 1-3 by S. Silverman, Tom Field: Adieu! by Toni Robinson, Phabulous Photographers by Joel Hoffman, Annual Year-End Awards Event by J. Switt

2018 - 2019

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April 25 Zoo Field Trip with Jack Rosenberg, May 1-31 From Above NBCC Exhibit at Connie Morella Library, May 1 Judge: Brian Zwit, May 8 Judge: David Blecman, May 22 Program: Bird Photography with Bruce Cyr, Dick Pelroy, and Steve Silverman, May 28 Program: Street Photography with Essdras Suarez, Nomination of Officers, June 9 - Annual End of Year Awards Event, 2019-20 Membership Application/Renewal Form, Kent Mason's Community Outreach - A Very Personal Commitment by Roy Sewall

April 3 Judge: Susan Bloom, April 10 Program: Body-of-Work Critique with Alan Sislen and Roy Sewall, April 24: Panel Photo Critique (Rescheduled) with Evelyn Jacob, Alan Sislen, and Kent Mason, Member Exhibits

March 9 Field Trip: Shooting Panos, Special Event Reminder: March 10 NBCC Annual Photo Essay Show, March 13 Judge: Irene Sacilotto, March 27 Program: Wild Things and Wild Places with Jeff Mauritzen, Member Exhibits: Jack Rosenberg at MFA's Curve Gallery Street Scenes Exhibition

February 6 Judge: Padraic Hughes, February 13 Program: Color in Photography with Don Becker, February 27 Program: Master Photographers with Kent Mason, "Our Maryland" NBCC Exhibit at Annapolis House of Delegates, Member Exhibit: Jean-Pierre Pl?, Member News: Death of Ted Oberman, Leadership Gallery: T. Van Houten, B. Cyr, Warbler Photography by Bruce Cyr

Jan. 2 Judge: Janet L. Jeffers, Jan. 9 Judge: Sandi Croan, Jan. 16 Program: From Monuments to the Milky Way with Tom Wachs and Gary Silverstein, Jan. 30 Program: Panel Photo Critique, Member Exhibits, Nature Visions Expo 2018 Member Awards

December 5 Judge: John Hoover, December 12 Program: Photographing Church Interiors with Padma Inguva, Member Exhibits, Nature Visions Expo 2018 Member Awards, February Wildlife Refuge Field Trip, - One of the World's Biggest and Most Exclusive Curated Photo Galleries, A Hands-on History of Photography, The Content-Aware Fill Workspace

Nature Visions Photography Expo, November 7 Judge: Josh Taylor, November 7 Field Trip: B&O Railroad Museum, November 14: Member Expo Coming, November 28 Program Night: Photographing East Africa with Nikhil Bahl, Member Exhibits, Baltimore Portraiture Field Trip Images

October 3 Judge: Roz Kleffman, October 10 Judge: Lynn Silverman, October 17: The State of the Camera Industry with Burke Seim, October 19-21 Field Trip - Shenandoah National Park, October 31 - Introduction to Bodies of Work with Alan Sislen and Roy Sewall, Member Exhibits, November 2-4: Nature Visions Photo Expo, November 7 Field Trip: Baltimore's B&O Railroad Museum, Making a Photo Essay on Your Mac, Union Market Field Trip Photo

Welcome New Members, September 5 Judge: Victoria Restrepo, September 12: Food Photography with Renee Comet, September 15: Union Market Field Trip, Call for Entries - Nature Visions Expo 2018, Education Committee Classes, October 20-21: Shenandoah Field Trip, It's Photo Essay Time! A Few Reviews by Stephanie Banks

New Member Orientation Aug. 29 by G. Olaizola, Summer Meetups by Gail Bingham, Field Trips 2018-2019 Preview by Gail Bingham, Competition Results and Winning Images, May Black and White Open, NBCC Final Cumulative Scores, Star Awards 2017-2018, Accumulated Awards 2017-2018, Top Ten Prints of the Year, Top Ten Electronic Images of the Year, Joe Razza Special Service Award

2015 - 2016

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May 4 Judge: Clarence Carvell, May 7 Field Trip: Chanticleer Garden, May 11 Program: Finding Your Voice (by Gail Bingham), May 25 Program: Photo Critique (by Paul Taylor), June 5 Field Trip: Germantown Dirt Jump Jam (by James Corbett & Gail Bingham), Member Profile: Roy Sewall (by Jean Hanson), Year-End "Top Ten" (new process), Nature Visions 2016: Sneak Preview (by Steven Silverman), Unmasking the Crafty Dudes at Nikon (by Steve Robinson)

April 6 Judge: Frank Van Riper, April 13 Judge: NBCC Expert Panel, April 2 Field Trip: Kite Festival (by Dick Pelroy), April 16 Field Trip: National Museum of Natural History, April 27 Program Night: Create Your Own Photo Book, Member Profile: Jill Randell (by Jean Hanson), Auto-Focus and Depth of Field (by Steve Robinson)

March 2 Judge: Jim Gunzel, March 9 Judge: Karen Keating, March 13 is Photo Essay Day! (by Stu Mathison), March 23 Program Night: Sports Imagery and Techniques, CityScapes Exhibit Announcement (by Sarah Salomon), April 2 Field Trip: Kite Festival (by Dick Pelroy), Member Profile: Lorraine Chickering (by Jean Hanson), The Million Dollar Photo (by Bill Seelig), Field Trip Photo Sharing (by Gail Bingham & Bruce Cyr), The Effects of Long Lenses on Small Pixel Cameras (by Steve Robinson),

Feb 3 Judge: Lewis Lorton, Feb 17 Judge: Steve Gottlieb, Feb 20 Field Trip: B&O Railroad Museum (by Larry & Joanne Mars), Feb 24 Program: Master Photographers Present, Fun with an Olympus Tough TG3 (by Judy Burr), The Variable Neutral Density Filter (by Steve Robinson)

January judge: Don Berkmeyer, Jan 13 program: Brian Zwit, Plugins for Lightroom and Photoshop, Jan 18 field trip: Diyanet Center of America (by Gail Bingham), Jan 27 program: Tom Rothenberg, Sports Imagery and Techniques, Member Profile: Adam Lowe (by Jean Hanson), Educational Workshops Offered (by Alan Sislen), Call for Entries: Cityscapes Exhibit (by Sarah Salomon), Birds in Flight: A Planning Study (by Steve Robinson)

December Judge: Carla Steckley, December 9 Program Night: Member Expo (by Tom Sullivan), Member Profile: Philippe Pradel (by Jean Hanson), Two Roses: Another Study in the Use of Minimal Flash (by Steve Robinson)

Nov 4 Judge: Mary Ann Setton, Nov 11 Program: Alan Sislen, The Art of Self-Critique & Evaluation, Last Call for Nature Visions, Nov Field Trip: Franciscan Monastery (by Gail Bingham), NBCC Exhibit Opening Reception (by Sarah Salomon), Member Profile: Greg Holden (by Jean Hanson), Mid-Atlantic Chapter Wins 2015 PSA Chapters' Showcase, It's Photo Essay Time (by Stu Mathison), What is High Speed Sync (by Steve Robinson)

Oct 7 judge: Don Johnson, Oct 14 judge: John Connell, Oct 28 Program Night: The Art of the Photo Essay (by Evelyn Jacob), NBCC Exhibit Opening (by Sarah Salomon), Oct 27 Meetup: DC High Heel Drag Queen Race, Member Profile: Saul Pleeter (by Jean Hanson), A Photograph in Bad Light (by Steve Robinson), NBCC Summer Picnic (photos by Chuck Lee)

September Judge: Michaele Harrington, September 9 Program: Nature Visions Photo Expo, September 30 Program: Food as Still Life, Field Trips: Steel Wheels and Canaan Valley, October 2: NBCC Exhibit Opening Reception, Upcoming Competition Assignments, Noise Reduction in Photoshop and Lightroom (by Bruce Davis), Start-of-the-Year Checklist

NBCC Annual Picnic, Upcoming Competition Assignments, Nature Visions Expo 2015, Fabulous Field Trips, September Field Trip: Steel Wheels, Field Trip Image Website, PCR Awards Dinner, Member Profile: Bob Murphy, In Memoriam: Joan Linderman, NBCC Year-End Awards Event Recap

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2014 - 2015

May 6 Judge: Irene Sacilotto, May 13 Program: Tom Field on Aerial and HD Video, Push that Button! (by Tom Field), June 13 Field Trip: Baltimore HonFest (by Bruce Davis), Mid-Summer Meetup (by Lori Ducharme), Member Profile: Nancy Wolejsza (by Jean Hanson), 2015-2016 NBCC Member Application

April 1 Judge: John Hoover, April 8 Judge: Jill Bochicchio, April 29 Program Night: Roy Sewall, Taking Your Photography to the Next Level, May Field Trip: Waterside Woolen Mill and Historic Bedford County (by Gail Bingham), Beyond the Lens: A Photographer's Journey (by Alan Sislen), Member Profile: Jim Turner (by Jean Hanson)

March 4 Judge: Stuart Dahne, March 11 Program: Master Photographers, March 25 Program Night: Photo Book Publishing, March 28 Field Trip: Blossom Kite Festival (by Gail Bingham), Photographing/Cycling Florida (by Bill & Claudia Seelig), A Bit of NBCC History (by Judy Burr), Splinters from the Board (by David Davidson), NBCC 50th Anniversary Event: Beyond the Lens, Member Profile: Beth Altman (by Jean Hanson), Images of Havana (by Bruce Davis)

Feb 4 Judge: Ellis Rosenberg, Feb 11 Program: Alan Sislen - Black & White Photography, Feb 16 Field Trip: St Matthew's Cathedral (by Cynthia Keith), Feb 25 Program: Mixing Fantasy & Reality in Photography (by Gail Bingham), NBCC 50th Anniversary Event, NBCC is Now Part of Nature Visions (by David Davidson), Call for Exhibit Entries: Brookside Gardens (by Sarah Salomon), Call for Entries: Glennie Nature Competition (by Sarah Salomon), Member Profile: Jean-Pierre Pl? (by Jean Hanson)

January 7 Judge: Padraic Hughes, January 14 Judge: Peter Manzelli, January 26 Program: Karen Messick, HDR for All (by Gail Bingham), January 31 Field Trip: Library of Congress (by Joanne and Larry Mars), Member Profile: Morris Liss (by Jean Hanson), NBCC is Now on Facebook, Upcoming Educational Workshops (by Alan Sislen), Seeing Through a Judge's Eyes?! (by Ken Goldman), More on the Topic of Critical Focus (by Steve Robinson)

December 3 Judge: Michaele Harrington, December 10 Program: Member Expo, December 5 Field Trip: Longwood Gardens (by Dick Pelroy), Member Profile: Michele Egan (by Jean Hanson), Save the Date: 50th Anniversary Event April 19, 2015, NBCC Competition Survey Results (by Gail Bingham and David Davidson), Getting from a Well Thought-Out Composition to Photographic Art (by Steve Robinson)

November Judge: Marti Belcher, November 12 Program: Robb Hill, Photography in the Age of Social Media (by Michele Egan), November Field Trip (by Cynthia Keith), September Field Trip Revisited (by Bill Seelig), Member Profile: George Lea (by Jean Hanson), NBCC PSA Awards (by Judy Burr), Call for Entries - 2014 Member Expo (by Tom Sullivan)

Oct 1 (EIC) Judge: Frank van Riper, Oct 8 (Prints) Judge: Ben Greenberg, Oct 22 Program: David Blecman, One Light Portraits, Oct 29 Program: Victoria Restrepo, Fundamentals of Art for Photographers, Member Profile: Neil Hermansdorfer (by Jean Hanson), Exhibition (by Sarah Salomon), Oct Field Trip: Delaware Water Gap (by Dick Pelroy), It's Photo Essay Time (by Stu Mathison)

Welcome New Members! (by Chuck Lee), September Judge: Wayne Wolfersberger, September Program: Nikhil Bahl, The Power of Simplicity and Expression, September Field Trip (by Cheryl Naulty), Competition Attendance (by the Board), NBCC's Waiting List (by Chuck Lee), Palouse by Two (by Judy Burr and Gail Bingham), NBCC's PCR Program (by Bob Peavy), NBCC Membership by the Numbers (by Chuck Lee), Upcoming Educational Programs

Annual Picnic Details, New Member Update, Competition Topics for 2014-'15 and 2015-'16, 2014 Awards Dinner Highlights, 2014 Star Award Recipients, Year End Judge: Carla Steckley, Top 10 Images of the Year, Judge's Comments on Winning Images, 2014 Razza Award Winner: Kent Mason, Final Standings, 2013-'14 Club Year, PSA Mid-Atlantic Chapter Awards, Treasurer's Report, New Procedures for GordieGrams, In Memoriam: Ross Emerson

2013 - 2014

Anchor 9

May 7 Competition Judge: Martin Heavner, May 21 Program: Robert Creamer on Architectural Photography (by Ray Whitman), Richmond Field Trip recap (by Gail Bingham), Member Profile: Sarah Hood Salomon (by Jean Hanson), Notice: Club Officer Nomination Slate, 2014-15 and 2015-16 Competition Topics, April Competition Winners and Accumulated Points

April 2 Competition (EIC) Judge: Eliot Cohen, April 9 Competition (Print) Judge: Andrew Zimmerman, April 23 Program Night: Alan Sislen and Evelyn Jacob, Focus Stacking Revealed (by Gail Bingham), April 30 Program Night: Mitchell Layton on Sports Photography, NBCC Exhibit "Color Abstractions" Activity Center Gallery at Bohrer Park, Gaithersburg (by Dawn Sikkema), May Field Trip Preview: Ricketts Glen Waterfall Weekend (by Steve Silverman), NBCC Places 2nd at annual Glennie Nature Photo Competition (by Sarah Hood Salomon), Member Profile: Larry Burton (by Jean Hanson), PSA Inter-Club Competition Update (by Carol Lee)

March Competition Judge: Corey Hilz, March Field Trip: National Gallery of Art (by Jack Rosenberg), March 26 Program Night: Travel Photography, NBCC Exhibit: "Color Abstractions" (by Dawn Sikkema), April Field Trip Preview: Richmond (by Gail Bingham), March 9 is Photo Essay Day (by Stu Mathison), Member Profile: John and Kay Norvell (by Jean Hanson)

Feb Competition Judge: Padraic Hughes, Feb 26 Program: Advanced Photographers Presentation (by Kent Mason), Feb 12 Program: Nikhil Bahl, The Power of Simplicity & Expression, Feb 13 Field Trip: Udvar-Hazy Center (by Cheryl Naulty), Call for Entries: 2014 Glennie Nature Competition, Shooting and Processing Panoramas (class announcement), Member Profile: Stan Collyer (by Jean Hanson)

January Competition Judge: Ed Funk, January 15 Program: Jim Schaefer, January 29 Program: Frank Van Riper on Portrait Photography (by Ken Goldman), January Field Trip: Mt. Vernon District (by Cynthia Keith), NBCC Exhibit Opportunity (by Dawn Sikkema), Member Profile: Geri Millman (by Jean Hanson), PSA Projected Image Competition (by Carol Lee)

December 4 Judge: Kevin Hooker, December 11 Program: Member Expo, January Field Trip Preview, NBCC Educational Programs, Longwood Gardens Field Trip Revisited (by Cheryl Naulty), Photo Essay 2014 (by Stu Mathison), Let's Talk about Instagram (by Lori Ducharme), Welcome to Rapa Nui (by Jean Hanson)

November Judge: Peter Manzelli, November Program: Stuart Dahne, Techniques for Photographing Reptiles Artistically, Member Profile: Carol Walsh (by Jean Hanson), Splinters from the Board (by Carol Lee), September Field Trip Report (by Bill Seelig), Personal Milestone (by Bill Seelig), NBCC Educational Program Listing

October EIC Open Judge: Jim Schaefer, October Print Open Judge: Henrik de Gyor, October 3 Field Trip: Longwood Gardens (by Cynthia Keith), October 9 Program: Tim Cooper, NBCC Educational Programs Available, October 23 Program - Tom Field and Max Lyons, Night Photography, October 27 Field Trip - Night Photography at the Monuments (by Gail Bingham), Member Profile - Steve and Toni Robinson (by Jean Hanson), Fotokreis is Coming! (by Carol Lee), A Summer Tour d'Oregon (by Chuck Lee)

Welcome New Members (by Chuck Lee), September Competition Judge: Stan Klem, September 21 Field Trip: Huntley Meadows (by Cheryl Naulty), New Name Tags (by Chuck Lee), NBCC Membership by the Numbers (by Chuck Lee), Member Profile: Joanne and Larry Mars (by Jean Hanson), September 18 Program: Garden Photography (by Melissa Clark), Photo Essay 2014: by Stu Mathison, New Projector & Image Entry Requirements (by Tom Field), Join the NBCC Yahoo! Group (by Bruce Cyr), NBCC Picnic was a Hit

Competition Topics 2013-14 and 2014-15, Membership News (by Chuck Lee), 2013 NBCC Awards Dinner Highlights, 2013 Star Award Recipients, Year-End Judge Sandi Croan, Top Ten Images of the Year, Judge's Comments on Winning Images, Final Standings, 2012-13 Club Year, NBCC Lifetime Achievement Award to Gordie Corbin

2012 - 2013

Anchor 10

May 1 Electronic Image Competition Judge: Don Johnson, May 8 Print Competition Judge: Susan Ruddick Bloom, May 16 Field Trip: Balloon Glow at the Preakness (Steven Silverman), May 22 Program Night: Alan Sislen - The Beauty of Landscape Photography, Member Profile: Deeva Garel (by Jean Hanson), NBCC Budget for 2013-2014, Year-End Awards Event: June 5, Tech Corner: Backing Up My Digital Photographs (by David Davidson), Membership Renewal Application

April 3 Competition Judge: Matthew Schmidt, April 10 Program: Jean-Louis Atlan - Photojournalism, Results of the 2013 Glennie Nature Salon, Happy Birthday NBCC, Member Profile: Joan Linderman (by Jean Hanson), Opportunity to Exhibit a Body of Work (by Bill Olson), April Field Trip - Sylvan Heights (by Cheryl Naulty), Photo Workshop Review - Bosque del Apache (by Lori Ducharme)

March 6 Competition Judge: Bill Prosser, Photos that are Out of this World (by Lori Ducharme), Photo Essay 2013 (by Stu Mathison), March 13 Program: Bill Selig - Black & White Photography, March Photo Opp (by Lori Ducharme), March 27 Program: Tuan Pham - Zen Through the Lens, March Field Trip: Rawlings Conservatory (by Cynthia Keith), April Field Trip Preview (by Deeva Garel), Member Profile: Ray Whitman (by Jean Hanson), Tech Corner (by David Davidson)

February 6 Competition Judge: Frank Van Riper, February Photo Opp: Library of Congress (by Lori Ducharme), February 20 Program: Susan Milestone on Flower and Plant Photography (by Gail Bingham), February 10 Field Trip: Chinese New Year Parade (by Cheryl Naulty), February 27 NBCC Advanced Photographers Program (by Kent Mason), Review of NBCC Exhibit Reception (by Evelyn Jacob), Call for Glennie Entries (by Bill Olson), Member Profile: Elliezer Trybuch (by Jean Hanson), Tech Corner (by David Davidson, with Tom Field), Photo Workshop Review (by Bill Seelig)

January 2 Competition Judge: Wayne Wolfersberger, January 9 Program Night: Nature Image Critique, Coming Soon: 2013 Glennie Memorial Nature Salon, January 30 Program Night: Elliot Stern (by Gail Bingham), January Field Trip: Churches on Massachusetts Avenue (by Cheryl Naulty), Member Profile: Dick Pelroy (by Jean Hanson), Musings on My Trip to Yellowstone (by Cheryl Naulty),

December 5 Competition Judge: Terry Popkin, December 12 Program Speaker: Karen Messick, "iPhone Photography", Member Profile: Chet Stein (by Jean Hanson), NBCC Exhibit: "Light or Shadow" (Evelyn Jacob), Capturing Motion with the iPhone (Willem Bier), Creating Photo Essays on a Mac (Willem Bier & John Willis), Tech Corner (David Davidson)

November 7 Competition Judge: Josh Taylor, November 14 Program Speaker: Jon Goell, "Street Photography" (by Ira Adler), NBCC Field Trip November 9: Great Falls (by Cheryl Naulty), NBCC Field Trip November 11: Monuments at Night (by Gail Bingham), Member Profile: Steve Silverman (by Jean Hanson), HDR on Your iPhone?! (Lori Ducharme), Tech Corner (David Davidson)

October 3 Electronic Image Competition Judge: Steve Gottlieb, October 10 Print Competition Judge: Don Berkemeyer, October 24 Program Speaker: Sue Tatterson "Spirits of the Abandoned", NBCC Field Trip October 27-28: Lonaconing Silk Mill & Cumberland Foliage (Gail Bingham), Educational Opportunities, Member Profile: Dave Clemmer (by Jean Hanson), Exhibition Opportunity at Friendship Heights Village Center, October Photo Opp: White House Fall Garden Tour, Call for Photo Essay Images, A Photographer's Tent (Bill Seelig), Shooting Straight with the iPhone (Willem Bier)

Welcome New Members!, September 5 Competition Judge: Charles Neenan, September 12 Program Speaker: Irene Hinke-Sacilotto, NBCC Field Trip: Dahlia Gardens, September 27, 4:00pm (Steve Silverman), NBCC Membership by the Numbers (Chuck Lee), GordieGram Gold! (Bill Seelig), Time: the Luxury of Retirement (David Davidson), September Photo Opp: "DC-henge", Field Trip Report: Wings of Fancy - Photographing Butterflies at Brookside Gardens (Raymond Ao), Photo Essay 2013 (Stu Mathison), NBCC 2012 Picnic, In Memoriam: Les Trachtman

Annual Awards Event and the Razza Award, NBCC Annual Picnic, Member Profile: Al Tanenholtz, 2012-2013 Board of Directors, NBCC Approved Budget 2012-2013, NBCC Field Trip June 29: Cal Ripken Baseball League (John Barnes), NBCC Field Trip August 12: Wings of Fancy - Photographing Butterflies at Brookside Gardens Conservatory (Raymond Ao), Alan Sislen featured in ?lan magazine, "Photographic Visions," Exhibit including Meryl Silver, Judy Burr receives PSA Star Awards, Full Moonrise/Moonset Times in the Washington Area, Phabulous Photographers Exhibit, Competition Results for May 2012, Cumulative Scores for 2011-2012, Year-End Competition Judge: Clarence Carvell (Bob Dargel), Results of Year-End Competition 2011-2012, Star Points, Highlights of the Awards Event, Competition Assignments 2012-2013, Competition Assignments 2013-2014

2011 - 2012

Anchor 11

Program Night May 9: Andrew Jezioro, Reflective Images, Program Night May 23: Kent Mason, Open Image Critique, Member Profile: John Willis, May 2 Competition Judge: Jill Bochicchio, "Variations" Exhibit by Alan Sislen, NBCC Photographers Recognized in Glennie Competition (Bill Olson), A Little Story: One-Shot Bill (Bill Seelig), Frances Benjamin Johnston Collection Digitized by the Library of Congress, Annual Awards Event, June 6, 2012

April 4 Electronic Image Competition Judge: Mary Ann Seton, Program Night April 25: Advanced Photographers, Member Profile: Ken Goldman, April 11 Print Competition Judge: John Hoover, NBCC Field Trip April 13: United States Botanic Garden (Deeva Garel), NBCC Field Trip May 18-20: Lewes, DE (John Barnes), NBCC High key / Low key Workshop: A Great Success, Membership Renewal Application 2012-2013

Program Night February 8: Frank Van Riper, Photographing in a Foreign Country, Program Night February 29: Advanced Photographers (Kent Mason), Member Profile: Claudia Seelig, February 1 Competition Judge: Sherwin Kaplan, NBCC Field Trip February 11: Baltimore B&O Railroad Museum (Bill Olson), Cruise Ship Photography (Chuck Lee), NBCC Exhibit Opens February 2, 2012: "By Human Hands" (Dawn Sikkema), NBCC Exhibit: "Landmarks and Landscapes of the Washington, D.C. Area" (Bill Olson), Photography Tour and Workshop Ideas (Gail Bingham)

Program Night January 11: Tom Wolff, Environmental Portraits, Program Night January 25: Nikhil Bahl, Photography Software, Member Profile: Jack Rosenberg, January 4 Competition Judge: Eliot Cohen, NBCC Field Trip January 9: Variations on Gothic Architecture (Cynthia Keith), NBCC Exhibit: "By Human Hands" (Dawn Sikkema), 365 Days of Images (Willem Bier)

December 7 Competition Judge: Gary Landsman, Program Night December 14: John Borstel, The Creative Dimensions of Photography, Member Profile: Eric Schweitzer, NBCC Field Trip December 3: Scottish Christmas Walk, Old Town Alexandria, VA (Barbara DeLouise), NBCC Field Trip January 9: Variations on Gothic Architecture (Cynthia Keith), NBCC Education Committee, Preparation and Process (Alan Sislen), Exhibition Opportunity at the Bethesda Library (Dawn Sikkema)

Program Night November 9: Maria Drumm, Travel Photography, Program Night November 30: Mark Van Bergh, A Photo Trip to Antarctica, Member Profile: Gail Bingham, November 2 Competition Judge: Don Becker, NBCC Field Trip November 15: Frederick, MD (Cheryl Naulty), NBCC Field Trip December 3: Scottish Christmas Walk (Barbara DeLouise), All Lighting is Not Created Equal (Alan Sislen), Two Workshops Offered by the Education Committee (Lightroom and Photoshop), The Lion City (José Cartas), Photo Essay 2012 (Stu Mathison)

October 5 Electronic Image Competition Judge: Elliot Stern, Program Night October 26: Mark Anderson, Civil War Battlefields, Member Profile: John Pan, October 12 Print Competition Judge: Irene Owsley, NBCC Field Trip October 22: Kilgore Falls, MD (Gail Bingham), RCC Field Trip October 26: Covered Bridges of Bedford County PA), Hummingbirds in Flight (Kent Mason), NBCC Yahoo Group, Report: NBCC Badlands Workshop with Rod Planck (Nikhil Bahl)

Program Night September 14: Frank Ruggles, Images from the National Parks, September 7 Competition Judge: Sandi Croan, Member Profile: Rhoda Steiner, Competition Rules for 2011-2012, Treasurer's Year-end Summary Report, Field Trip September 25: Fiesta DC and the Parade of Nations (Gail Bingham), Creating Abstracts with Photoshop (Jim Hawkins), Freeman Patterson to Present in Northern Virginia

Annual Awards Event, NBCC Annual Picnic Sunday August 21, Member Profile: Alex Hoffmaister, Board of Directors 2011-2012, Field Trip June 18: Lilypons Water Gardens (Cynthia Keith), Field Trip July 17: Takoma Park Farmers Market (Deeva Garel), Field Trip August 28: Horse Show Photography at Oatlands Stables (John Barnes), Moonrise / Moonset Times for Full Moons in the Washington Area, Framing and Matting (Alan Sislen), The Joe Razza Award, Phabulous Photographers Exhibit, Shereen's Exquisite Fine Art Gallery (Frederick, MD)

Anchor 12

2010 - 2011

Program Night May 11: Andrew Zimmerman, Program Night May 25: Rhoda Steiner, Underwater Photography, Member Profile: Ray Ao, May Competition Judge: Gary Landsman, Year-End Competition Judge: Scott Musson, Field Trip May 7: City of Annapolis (Cheryl Naulty), Field Trip June 18: Lilypons Water Gardens (Cynthia Keith), Underwater Photography (Rhoda Steiner), The Mexican Costa Alegre (Lester LaForce), Annual Awards Event June 8, Nominating Committee for the 2011-12 Year, Membership Application 2010-2011, Reservation Form: Annual Awards Event

Print Competition / Program Night April 13: Jon Goell, Workshop April 27: Advanced Photographers, Member Profile: Marcia Loeb, April Competition Judge: Bill Prosser, Field Trip April 2: Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden (Cynthia Keith), NBCC Exhibit: Glenview Mansion, "The Power of Color" (Angelique Raptakis), High Performance Photo Computer, Part 2 (Tom Field), An Economist Explores Tallinn, Estonia (Alex Hoffmaister)

Program Night March 23: Robert Creamer, Scanner Photography, Program Night March 30: Bert Shankman, Macro Photography, Member Profile: Jitesh Batra, March Competition Judge: Mary Ann Setton, Field Trip March 19: Harper's Ferry to Point of Rocks, Exploring the CSX Main Line (John Barnes), Field Trip April 2: Richmond Gardens (Cynthia Keith), High Performance Photo Computer, Part 1 (Tom Field), A Weekend in Córdoba, Spain (José M. Cartas), Photo Essay 2011 preview (Stu Mathison)

Program Night February 9: Anice Hoachlander, Architectural Photography, Workshop February 23: Advanced Photographers Presentations, Member Profile: Stuart Glickman, February Competition Judge: James Steele, Field Trip, February 16: Franciscan Monastery (Bill Olson), How to Create Photo Essays (Gordie Corbin, Tom Field, and Judy Switt)

Workshop January 12: Nikhil Bahl, Creative Interpretations, Program Night January 26: Robert Creamer, Scanner Photography, Member Profile: Arthur Hyder, January Competition Judge: Joshua Taylor, Field Trip January 10 & 11: United States Capitol Building (Cynthia Keith), Show Me the Light(room) (Alan Sislen), A First Trip to Turkey (John Willis)

December Competition Judge: Marti Belcher, Program Night December 8: Corey Hilz, The Lensbaby, Member Profile: Martha Cain-Grady, December 15 Field Trip: City of Annapolis (Cheryl Naulty), On (Photo) Safari at the National Zoo (Lori Ducharme), The Tsukiji Market (José Cartas), Photo Essay 2011

November Competition Judge: Tom Wolff, Program Night November 10: Chris Kennedy, Still Life Photography, Member Profile: Allan Simmons, November 18 Field Trip: National Zoo (Deeva Garel), Photographing Rainbows, Part 2 (Tom Field), PSA Journal Reproduction Policy, San Francisco Wine Country (Lester LaForce), FotoWeek DC

Program Night October 13: Bruce McKaig, Program Night October 27: Adam Jones, Creativity in International Travel, Nature, and Wildlife Photography, Member Profile: Steve Lapidus, October EIC Judge: Andy Klein, October 16 Field Trip: Tilghman Day (John Barnes), Photographing Rainbows, Part 1 (Tom Field), A Journey Back in Time (Caroline Helou), NBCC Education Committee, September 24: NBCC Exhibit "America the Beautiful" at Kentlands Mansion

September 15 Program: Clay Blackmore, Photographing Everyone, September 29 Program: Evelyn Jacob, Content Aware in Photoshop CS5, Member Profile: Ellen McGovern, September Competition Judge: Stephen L. Passman, Celebrating our Emeritus Members, September 25 Field Trip: Steam Engine and Craft Show (Frank Herzog), 2010 Competition Rules for NBCC, How to Prepare Images for EIC (Willem Bier), Highlights from the West Bank (Stuart Mathison), Treasurer's Report 2009-2010, PCR Revs Up Again September 7, September 24: NBCC Exhibit "America the Beautiful" at Kentlands Mansion

Annual Award Event Report, August 22: NBCC Annual Picnic, Member Profile: Stuart Levy, Changes to NBCC Competition Rules, July 10 Field Trip: Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens (Frank Herzog), August 14 Field Trip: Maryland Jousting Tournament (Frank Herzog), Photographing Moonrise or Moonset (Tom Field), The Bering Sea (Judy Burr), July 6: Phabulous Photographers Exhibit, Membership Application 2010-2011

Anchor 13

2009 - 2010

May 12 Program: Don Johnson, Zoo Photography, May 26 Program: Dan McDermott, History and Photos from Planning a Transcontinental Railroad Route, Member Profile: John Burgess, May 5 Competition Judge: Michaele Harrington, May 21 Field Trip: Chanticleer Gardens (Cynthia Keith), Nominations for 2010-2011 Officers, My Latest Photography Book (Bill Seelig), NBCC Exhibit Report, "Nature: Near and Far", Rolling Through Rock Creek Park (Bruce Cyr), 2010 Glennie Memorial Nature Salon, June 2 Annual Awards Event 2010, Roy Sewall Exhibit, "People of the C&O Canal", Competition Assignments, Membership Application 2010-2011, Reservation Form: Annual Awards Event

April 14 Print Competition/Program: Joseph Rossbach, April 28 Program Night: James Steele on Black and White Photography, Member Profile: Allen Melser, April 7 Electronic Competition Judge: Stephen L. Passman, April 18 Field Trip: Marching Through Time (Alex Karlin), A Brief History of Photography (Bill Seelig), Mexico in January (Jean Hanson), NBCC Exhibit "Nature: Near and Far", Village of Friendship Heights Art Gallery (Angelique Raptakis),

March 10 Program: From Ordinary to Extraordinary (Mollie Isaacs and Mary Lindhjem), March 31 Workshop: Exhibition Prints Using Inkjet Printers with Color Management (John Burgess), Member Profile: Bruce Cyr, March Competition Judge: Frank Van Riper, February Competition Night rescheduled for March 24, Photo Essay 2010: Sunday March 21 (Stu Mathison), How to Get a Dark Sky in B&W (Willem Bier), NBCC Members in North Carolina (James and Janet Myder Hammack), March 19 Field Trip: American History Museum (Frank Herzog), Value Your Work (Lynn Troy Maniscalco)

February 10 Program: Photographing Anyone (Clay Blackmore), February 24 Workshop: Body of Work (Kent Mason), Member Profile: Lori Ducharme, February Competition Judge: Jon Goell, February 27 Field Trip: Glen Echo Park (Deeva Garel), Photo Flash: Take Control (Tom Field), In Bruges (Mark Segal)

January Competition Judge: Corey Hilz, January 13 Program: Seeing the Image and Capturing It (Corey Hilz), January 27 Workshop: Flash (Tom Field), Member Profile: Jay Gartenhaus, January 11 Field Trip: New Hampshire Avenue Trio (Frank Herzog), Body of Work (Kent Mason), Overwhelming and Exciting Alaska (Rob IJsselstein), 24 Exposures Exhibit at Holy Cross, Obituary: Bob Graf

December Competition Judge: Susan Ruddick Bloom, December 9 Program: Wayne Wolfersberger, Member Profile: Steve Gelband, December 11-13 Field Trip: Chincoteague Island (Nikhil Bahl), Photo Essays and ProShow Software (Stu Mathison), The Hurtigruten (José Cartas)

November Competition Judge: Duane Heaton, November 11 Workshop: Critique Session (Donald Martell), Member Profile: Cheryl Naulty, Photo Essay 2009 (Stu Mathison), October 31 Field Trip: Fort Frederick State Park (John Barnes), December 11-13 Field Trip: Chincoteague Island (Nikhil Bahl), Repeat or Similar Images (José Cartas), From Patagonia to NBCC: A Photo Inspired Connection (Michael Roberts)

October 14 Program and Print Judge: Cameron Davidson, Aerial Photography of the Chesapeake Bay, October 28 Program: Max Lyons, High Resolution Digital Photography, Member Profile: Stuart Reiter, October EIC Judge: Terry Popkin, NBCC Exhibit, Holy Cross Hospital, October 3-4 Field Trip: Fall in the West Virginia Highlands (Cynthia Keith), October 31 Field Trip: Fort Grederick State Park (John Barnes), October 27 (at VisArts): Bob Krist on Travel Photography, NBCC Field Trips Gallery: An Underused Resource (John Barnes), Cruising on the Nile (Bob Peavy)

September 23 Program: Peter Garfield, Creativity in Photography, September 30 Program: Nikhil Bahl, Visual Ideas and the Creative Process, Member Profile: Marvin Sirkis, September Competition Judge: Duane Heaton, New Membership Type, Competition Update for 2009-2010, September 16 Field Trip: Huntley Meadows Park (Cheryl Naulty), October 3-4 Field Trip: Fall in the West Virginia Highlands (Cynthia Keith), Exhibition Opportunity, Holy Cross Hospital, A Wider View: Shooting Panoramas in the Digital Age (Alan Sislen), Chinese Baseball (Chuck Lee), Treasurer's Year-End Report (Don Martell), PCR Revs Up Again September 8 (Joel Hoffman)

Annual Awards Event, NBCC Annual Picnic: Sunday, August 15, Member Profile: Joanne Levine, New Board of Directors (Officers), July 18 Field Trip: National Cathedral at Night (Barbara DeLouise), August 15 Field Trip: Hot Air Balloon Festival (Barbara DeLouise), Compose, Do Not Crop (Nikhil Bahl), Life in Okinawa (Christianne Witten), Competition Results for May, Cumulative Scores for 2008-2009, Year-End Competition Results, Full Moon Rise / Set Times for the Washington Area, Application for Membership 2009-2010

Anchor 14

2008 - 2009

Workshop May 13: Gary Silverstein, Night Visions (Stu Mathison), Program May 27: Plannnig a Photography Trip (Bob Peavy), Member Profile: Dawn Sikkema and Willem Bier, May Competition Judge: Sandi Croan, Year-End Judge: Chuck Veatch (Paul Taylor), May 4 Field Trip: American Plant Store (Cynthia Keith), June 6 Field Trip: East Broad Top Railroad (Frank Herzog), The Making of Great Falls and Mather Gorge (Roy Sewall), My Country of Origin: The Netherlands (Rob IJsselstein), Competition Assignments, Application for Membership 2009-2010

Program April 22: The Sharpness Chain (Carl Root), Workshop April 29: Photoshop Local Adjustments (Tom Field), Member Profile: Bill Olson, April Competition Judge: Scott Musson, April 25 Field Trip: Rock Creek Cemetery, May 4 Field Trip: Macro Photography at American Plant, Can You Believe That Image? (Willem Bier), Costa Rica - WOW! (Bill Seelig), NBCC Exhibit Report: "The Seasons" at Asbury (Angelique Raptakis)

Workshop March 11: Body of Work (Kent Mason), Program March 25: Macro Flower Photography(Evelyn Jacob), March Competition Judge: Judith Goodman, Member Profile: Cynthia Hunter, Special Program Thursday March 26 at National Geographic Imaging Division (RSVP), March 15 Field Trip: St. Patrick's Day Parade, Focus on NBCC Members: Ross Emerson, College Athletic Hall of Fame (Bob Peavy), Inauguration Day, Members' Photos, Two Percent Cloning (John Barnes), NBCC Exhibit: "The Seasons" at Asbury (Angelique Raptakis), Photo Essay Program, Sunday March 22, 2009, 2:00- 5:00 (Stu Mathison)

Workshop Feb. 11: Photo Critique, Program Feb. 25: Online Photo Gallery, February Competition Judge: Henrik de Gyor, Member Profile: Paul Taylor, February 18 Field Trip: Library of Congress, Nondestructive Editing (Tom Field), The Lost City of the Incas (Jose Cartas),

Program Jan. 14: Mary Louise Ravese on Cultivating a Sense of Mystery in your Photographs, Workshop Jan. 28: Tom Field, Photoshop Local Adjustments, January Competition Judge: Ed Funk, Member Profile: Bill Seelig, January 10 Field Trip: St. Matthew's Cathedral, To Infrared or Not to Infrared (Alan Sislen), Nine Days in Hong Kong (Jean Hanson), BlackRock Exhibit Opening a Success

Program December 10: Roy Sewall on Photographing Mather Gorge, December Competition Judge: Don Becker, Member Profile: Christianne Witten, Snow Policy, December 6-7 Field Trip: Luray Caverns, NBCC Invades Iceland (Bob Peavy), The Fall in Vermont (Chuck Lee), Digitizing National Park Service Photos (John Grupenhoff)

Program Nov. 12: Jim Guzel on Creating Spontaneous and Natural Portraiture, November Competition Judge: Jill Bochicchio, Member Profile: Sharyn Bowman Greberman, Photo Essay 2009 (Stu Mathison), November 8 Field Trip: Rapping with Raptors, December 6-7 Field Trip: Luray Caverns, Versatility of the Lens (Bill Seelig), Bull Games in the Camargue (Willem Bier and Dawn Sikkema), NBCC Exhibit at Blackrock Center for the Arts (Angelique Raptakis), The New Mugs Have Arrived

Program Oct. 22: Matt Witkovsky, Photography Curator at the National Gallery of Art, Workshop Oct. 29: Tom Field, Photoshop Global Adjustments, Member Profile: Jean Hanson, October Competition Judge: Don Berkemeyer, PSA News: Lens and Eye wins First Place and Director's Choice!, NBCC Exhibit Schedule for Blackrock Center for the Arts, October 18 Field Trip: Antique and Classic Car Show, November 8 Field Trip: Rapping with Raptors, Creative Metamorphoses (Tatiana Watson), Images from Guilin, China (Lester LaForce)

Workshop Sept. 10: Ferrell McCollough on High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography, Program Sept. 24: Ian J. Plant on Photographing the Chesapeake Bay, Member Profile: Una Flynn, September Competition Judge: Sherwin Kaplan, PSA News: World Photography Day, Splinters from the Board, July Meeting, Changes to Competition Rules, NBCC Exhibit: Blackrock Center for the Arts, December 2008, PCR Update (Community Outreach), September 21 Field Trip: Battle of St. Leonard Creek, Digital Asset Management (John Barnes), Day Trip in Moscow (Mark Segal),

NBCC Annual Picnic: Sunday August 24, Annual Awards Event Report, Member Profile: Jessyca Stansbury-McCargo, July 13 Field Trip: Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, August 16 Field Trip: Hillwood Museum and Gardens, NBCC Founder Ed Flynn Remembered, Jos? Cartas: The Monasteries of Armenia, PSA News: World Photography Day, NBCC Exhibit: Blackrock Center for the Arts, December 2008, Cumulative Competition Scores 2007-2008, Year-End Competition Results, Star Points for 2007-2008, 2009 - 2010 Competition Assignments, 2009 - 2010 Membership Application

Anchor 15

2007 - 2008

Competition Judge May 7: Mary Ann Setton, Workshop May 14: Feedback Tailored for your Digital Images, Program May 28: Tom Field, The Essentials of Digital Photography, Member Profile: Bruce Davis, End of Year Judge: Carla Steckley, Year End Awards Event June 11, Nominating Committee Report, May 17 Field Trip: Ladew Topiary Gardens, June 7 Field Trip: Imagination Bethesda, July 13 Field Trip: Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, Les Trachtman: A Trip to Northern Argentina, 2009 - 2010 Competition Assignments, 2008 - 2009 Membership Renewal Form

Competition Judge April 2: Clarence Carvell, Workshop April 9: Carl Root, Anatomy of a Photo Shoot, Program April 23: Susan Ruddick Bloom, Member Profile: Virginia Halloran, April 11-13 Field Trip: FLW Fallingwater, Stu Mathison: Photo Essay 2008 (report)

Competition Judge March 5: John Connell, Workshop March 12: Alan Sislen, Digital Infrared Photography, Program March 26: Merry Foresta, Member Profile: John Villforth, Photo Essay 2008 - Sunday March 16 2-5pm, March 29 Field Trip: Millwood, Virginia, April 11-13 Field Trip: FLW Falling Water

Competition Judge February 13: Irene Owsley, Workshop: Critique, Program: Bruce McKaig, Member Profile: Don Martell, Workshop Gallery (Carl Root), Sandy Spring Museum Exhibit Report, February 23 Field Trip: National Building Museum, April 11-13 Field Trip Advance Notice

Competition Judge January 9: Ellis Rosenberg, Workshop: Photoshop, Program: Henry Ng, Member Profile: Angelique Raptakis, Evaluating the Experimental Year, January 26 Field Trip: Udvar-Hazy Museum, Lending Library Inventory, Body of Work Workshop Example Images, Sandy Spring Museum Exhibit Update, Sunrise/Moonset and Sunset/Moonrise Times for 2008

Competition Judge: Josh Taylor, Workshop: Critique, Body of Work, Member Profile: John Barnes, Lending Library Policies and Procedures, Sandy Spring Exhibit Splinters from the Board, December 18 Field Trip: Brookside Gardens, Photo Essay Article

Competition Judge: Jill Bochicchio, Workshop November 14: NBCC Photo Essays, Program November 28: Judy Reisman, Pet Photography, Member Profile: Gene Haddon, Splinters from the Board, November Field Trip (December 3): Longwood Gardens, Cracker Jacks article by Carl Root

Competition Judge: Terry Popkin, Workshop October 10: Laurie Black (Monochrome), Program October 24: Middleton Evans, Program October 31: Tom MacPhail, Weather, Member Profile: Jim Auerbach, October 17 Field Trip: Rocky Gap, Fall Foliage Photography Hints, NECCCC Review

Competition Judge: Patricia Fisher, Program Night: Jim Schaeffer, September 19 Workshop: Image Critique, September Field Trip: War of 1812 Reenactment, Member Profile: Louise Roy, A Workshop Experience (Nikhil Bahl), What I Did Last Summer (Chuck Lee), Exhibit January 2008: Sandy Spring Museum, Treasurer's Year-End Summary Report

Awards Dinner Review, Member Profile, Marty Zober, Field trip July 7: Brookside Gardens, Field trip August 4-5: Ridgefield Farm, Awards Dinner Candid Photos, Feedback on Critique Night, Photographic Criticism Article, Photographers of the Year, Year End Competition Results, Star Point List, Award Recipients Photos, National Geographic Article, Exhibition Listings, PCR at the Zoo Article, February 2007 Competition Results, May 2007 Competition Results, Final Complete Point Standings, New Board and Committee Member Listing

Anchor 16

2006 - 2007

Print Night Judge: Pam Zilly, Projection Night Judge: Henrik de Gyor, Member Profile: Sarah Tidman, Program: Critique Workshop, May 23, Program: Tony Sweet, May 30, Year-end Judge: Tim Edberg, Officer Nominees for 2007-8, PCR Outing: National Zoo, Invitation to IMF Exhibit, May 27 Field Trip: Rolling Thunder, Kent Mason: Developing Thoughtful Critiques, 2008 - 2009 Competition Assignments, 2007-8 Membership Application Form, Awards Dinner Form

Print Night Judge: Beth Haney, Projection Night Judge: Bill Geiger, Member Profile: Gerry Weiss, Special Combined Competition, April 25, Thanks from the Special Committee, Photo Essay 2007 Review, Status Report on VisArts, April 20-22 Field Trip: Williamsburg, Overnight, Carl Root: Street Photography, André Gallant coming to Manassas Club, Joe Miller: Why I Still Shoot Slides

Print Night Judge: Don Johnson, Projection Night Judge: Scott Musson, Member Profile: Nikhil Bahl, Program Night, March 28: Paul Kline, March 3 Field Trip: National Zoo, April Field Trip Early Notice: Colonial Williamsburg, NBCC Exhibit at Bethesda Library, Chuck Lee: Silk Road Adventure, February Competitions Rescheduled

Print Night Judge: Joe Miller, Projection Night Judge: Henrik de Gyor, Member Profile: Chris Hanessian, Program Night February 28: Tom Field, February 3 Field Trip: Iwo Jima Memorial

Print Night Judge: Andy Klein, Projection Night Judge: Rick Latoff, Member Profile: Marilyn Jacox, Program Night January 24: Victoria Restrepo, Program Night January 31: Tom MacPhail, January 13 Field Trip: National Basilica

Print Night Judge: Judith Miller, Projection Night Judge: Don Becker, Member Profile: Rakesh Malik, Snow / Inclement Weather Policy, December 9 Field Trip: Mormon Temple, Photo Essay 2007 Article, Family Photo Techniques, Blue Ridge Parkway in Autumn

Program Night November 29: Steve Gottlieb "Lighting Magic: Using Flash and Other Artificial Light Sources", Member Profile: Jean Yuan and Bill Ho, Print Night Judge: Sherwin Kaplan, Projection Night Judge: Brian Jones, November 4 Field Trip: Harper's Ferry, October Board meeting highlights, Janet Myder Hammack: Update on Montrose Parkway Construction, Alan Simmons photos, Popular Photography Tips

Program Night: Alan Sislen "Creating Panoramic Images", Member Profile: Alfred and Lucia Goldman, October Field Trip: Natural Bridge, VA, Print Night Judge: Judy Gross, Projection Night Judge: Bill Geiger, JPEG Deterioration?, Rhoda Steiner Presentation at NVPS, September Board meeting highlights, PSA News: PSA International Conference, Member Photographs

Program Night: Jill Bochicchio "Portrait Photography", Member Profile: Ira Adler, Summer Board meeting highlights, Print Night Judge: Josh Taylor, Projection Night Judge: Terry Popkin, PSA News: PSA Convention in Baltimore Questions about Camera Club Competitions (Joe Miller), A Visit to Bhutan (Jean Hanson), September Field Trip: Renaissance Festival, Treasurer's Year-End Summary Report, Glenview Mansion Exhibit photos

August club picnic, Member Profile: Luis Bustillos, The Altered Image (by Carl Root), Awards Dinner highlights, Photographers of the Year, Star Points, Final Competition Scores, Year End Competition Results, "Wallet List" of Assignments for next two years, Glenview Mansion Exhibit announcement

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2005 - 2006

Field Trip: Covered Bridges of Lancaster County, Member Profile: Don Burgess, Print Night Judge: Clarence Carville, Projection Night Judge: Jerry Weinstein, PSA News (Janet Myder Hammack), Fuji Velvia Production (Lester LaForce), Kent Mason's Training for 2006-7, Photographic Insights 2 (Hans Adler), Application for Membership 2006-2007

Field Trip: SSCA Auto Race, April 8 (Don Haller), Member Profile: Cynthia Keith, Print Night Judge: Wayne Wolfersberger, Projection Night Judge: Richard Rohlfing, PSA News (Janet Myder Hammack), Fuji Velvia Production (Lester LaForce), Nominations for 2006-7 Officers, What is a Photograph (Hans Adler)

Program Barbara Tyroler, Member Profile Alex Guo, Print Night Judge Dennis Capolongo, Projection Night Judge Richard Nowitz, Field Trip Baltimore Aquarium (Nancy Garwood), Film/Digital 2 (Hans Adler), Equilibrium (Hans Adler)

Program Bird Photography with Mark DiLallo, Member Profile Victoria Restrepo, Print Night Judge Jill Bochicchio, Projection Night Judge Gary Landsman, Field Trip Library of Congress, Shooting in Cold Weather, Film/Digital 1 (Hans Adler), My Take on Photoshop (Joe Miller)

Member Profile Evelyn Jacob, Projection Night Judge Don Becker, NBCC Electronic Image Archive, Photo Essay Night preview (Stu Mathison), December Field Trip National Cathedral (Nancy Garwood), Digital Magnification Factors (Hans Adler), Composition Sectio Aurea (Hans Adler), In-Camera Manipulation Subjects

Program In-Camera Manipulation with Jim Hammack, Member Profile David Davidson, Print Night Judge Beth Haney, Projection Night Judge Tim Edberg, Mounting Prints in Competitions (Sue Oberthaler), November Field Trip Waterfowl Festival, Digital Histograms and Exposure Zones (Hans Adler), Getting to Know You and Program Guidelines (Les Trachtman)

Program Night Digital Printing with Barbara Southworth, Member Profile Martha Reeser, Print Night Judge Josh Taylor, Projection Night Judge Mary Louise Ravese, October Field Trip Renaissance Festival, Lending Library (Carl Root), Soft-Focus Effects (Hans Adler), Photographing Fall Foliage, Life of a Dust Brush (Hans Adler)

Program Night Things Considered, Member Profile Don Haller, Print Night Judge Bob Tope, Verrrry Interesting Indeed (Hans Adler), September Field Trip Cylburn Arboretum, Good Photo Images at NBCC (Jim Hawkins), Summer Photos Gallery

Member Profile Linda Wang

Photo Essay Night preview, Member Profile Melissa Clark, Print Night Judge Monroe Davids, Projection Night Judge Susan Soroko, My Take on Photoshop (David Davidson), A Judging Paradigm Shift?, Phanfare Program for Posting Photos On-Line (Ken Briefel), March Field Trip Udvar Hazy Center at Dulles, Library of Congress Field Trip Report, Photographic Insight 1 (Hans Adler), Snappers to Defy Police Ban (Lester LaForce)

2004 - 2005

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Member Profile Alan Sislen

Member Profile Frank Herzog

Member Profile Nancy Garwood

Member Profile Stu Mathison

Member Profile Jim and Virginia Render

Member Profile Ann Jorgensen

Member Profile Tatiana Watson

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Member Profile Andy Gordon

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2003 - 2004

In Memory of Joe Razza

Member Profile Duncan Whitaker

In Memory of Ruth Crozier

Member Profile Jean Hansen

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