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Easily call or email fellow members using contact information from the printed membership booklet or from the member directory (login required) on this site. There are two global methods for communicating among club members via the Internet: GordieGrams and the Chat Group.  We also have a club Facebook page.


Club-wide emails are affectionately nicknamed GordieGrams after Gordie Corbin, whose idea and service this was for many years. You may send a GordieGram anytime you need to reach the entire club membership for such messages as official announcements and reminders of club activities, notice of a member who is hospitalized, invitation to the opening of a NBCC member photo exhibit, or any urgent message.

If you have photographic items for sale, a (one-time) offer can be broadcast. However, it is courteous NOT to send GordieGrams for things listed under Chat Group (below).

To send a GordieGram, compose your message to the members and list your contact information (email address or phone) prominently. Send the message to
To prevent flooding members with extraneous messages, the board of directors requested that the screener(s) use their judgment as to whether the submitted message is appropriate for broadcast to the entire club. If deemed appropriate, it will then be forwarded to members.

To respond to a GordieGram, use the contact information provided by the originator within the email. Please, do not hit Reply.

Chat Group

Our Chat Group is the place to conduct most other NBCC on-line communications. It's an ideal forum to initiate discussions on any photography-related topic, especially to ask for (and share) knowledge and advice.


You can use it to announce your photo activities outside NBCC, e.g., exhibits, winning a photo contest, or having a photo placed prominently (e.g., magazine cover). The messages are retained indefinitely, but are accessible only to current NBCC members.


The chat group is an easy-to-use and valuable resource. Presently it is underutilized, but those who do use it get excellent advice, feedback and information from many club members. Members are encouraged to sign up and join the conversation. This group is private (to lock out spammers) and limited to current NBCC members.


To join, go to .




Note: When replying to a message, the editor may embed the original message as a "quote" in your new posting. Unless you need to directly include part of the previous post, it is good practice to delete the quoted message. That keeps the messages clear and avoids repeating the original post over and over

Facebook Group

NBCC members who are on Facebook are welcome to join the club’s member-only Facebook Group. It serves a similar function as the Chat Group, but takes advantage of social media for information sharing, networking, and exchanging ideas.


Joining the NBCC group allows members to interact without having to individually “friend” other members or see their non-photography posts. The Facebook group is private, i.e., limited to NBCC members, and cannot be viewed by the general public.


Within Facebook, search on North Bethesda Camera Club, and it will take you to the group’s page. Select the “Join” button to be added to the group. The administrator will first verify your current NBCC membership.


Please note that if the name you use on Facebook is different than the name listed in our membership book, we may not recognize you. In that case, to avoid being mistakenly declined, please contact the administrator (via Facebook message, or via email as listed in your membership booklet) in advance to tell her what name you go by, and we’ll be sure to add you to the group.

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