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A large part of our mission is helping members improve as photographers.  An expanded education program has been developed to support this goal which includes peer-led small groups.  Registration for the 2023 - 2024 small groups is now open.  A summary of the small groups with links to detailed descriptions is available here.

Small Groups

Small groups are defined by the needs and wishes of the membership and conducted by members of the club as well. 


Groups are focused on skills, with an emphasis on assessing one’s own work and learning the tools and techniques to improve upon it.  They are also intended to generate interaction and support among the membership.


Groups are open to members and those on the waiting list (on a space-available-basis). 

Below are examples of some current and past groups.

Creative Compositing with Carol Walsh


Members learn how to use and apply to their own images, processes such as layers, selecting objects, using masks, blending models, and using the warp tool.

Carol Walsh’s compositing class has given me an opportunity to explore using photography to fill a blank canvas.  Her unique combination of technical knowledge and artistic background, as well as her incredible patience, generosity and commitment, have opened up a universe of possibilities and challenges I know will not end. 

— Toni Robinson


Toni Robinson, "A Quiet Conversation"

Body of Work Critique Group with Roy Sewall

Click on the photo to enlarge and view more  photos from the photographer.

The critique group develops skills that can be applied to creating exhibits, digital books, portfolios, and websites.

In addition to narrowing my images to those that best support my theme, I learned how key the artist statement is to bringing my view to others.

— Audrey Rothstein




Candid Street and Environmental Portraiture (Peer Group)

Click on the photo to enlarge and view more photos from the group.

Led by Dick Knapp and Michele Egan

This group focuses on candid, non-studio style photography, primarily in D.C.

Michele and Dick offered a well-organized and provocative program.  The field trips pushed us to get out of our comfort zone and explore interacting with people in varied urban locations.  And the interactive follow-up sessions, where we discussed our images, helped me to improve my approach to photography significantly. 

— Max Kantzer


Creativity and Interpretation (Peer Group)

Click on the photo to enlarge and view more photos from the group.

Led by Sarah Salomon and Kathryn Mohrman

Participants share ways in which they can interpret an image using different post-processing techniques

Before and after photos are always instructive.  It's fascinating to observe different approaches; multiply that by 8 for each image and it’s even more fun.  Each session was full of surprises, new ideas, techniques, and good conversation.  I really felt free to try new things in such a collegial environment.

— Shelley Price

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